Dartford Crossing Pay Dartford CrossingDartford Crossing Pay Dartford Crossing

Dartford Crossing Pay Dartford Crossing by midnight the day after crossing.

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You can get a fine if you’re late or don’t pay the Dartford Crossing. At the same time you still have to pay the crossing charge.

Telephone Dartford Crossing Pay Dartford Crossing. 0300 300 0120

or instead.

Telephone from outside the UK. 44 (0) 300 300 0120

Textphone. 18001 0300 300 0120

Open Every day 5 am until midnight. Opening times can vary during Christmas and New Year and bank holidays.


The fine is £70.00 if you do not pay. Therefore, you must pay the fine within 28 days.The fine will be reduced to £35.00 if you pay the fine within 14 days. Otherwise the fine is increased. After that to £105.00 if you do not pay it within 28 days.

You can get a fine if you pay late or do not pay at all. At the same time you still have to pay the crossing charge.

If you’ve already set up an account then, sign in to manage your account.

You can also:

pay Charge with cash at a local shop  your nearest Payzone store

set up an account by post.

pay in advance or top-up your account by post.

either pay or set up an account by phone.


If you’re unhappy with your experience of using the Dartford Crossing service, they want to hear from you straightaway. This will help them put things right and improve the future service.

Before you contact us to make a complaint. Without delay and in the first place please consult our guide on how to file a complaint before completing the form below.


By mail to:
Customer Service Manager
Customer Service
PO Box 842
LS1 9QF United Kingdom

What happens next?

They will certainly endeavor to respond to your complaint within 10 working business days of receipt. Obviously If they need to take more time. In addition they will let you know why and when you can expect to hear from them.